Vin Jay – Brain Dead Lyrics

Lyrics Brain Dead – Vin Jay

Yeah, back to my roots
The spark that fueled the fire
The hunger that started it all

I’m back to maulin’ the game and keepin’ it merciless
With bloody rhymes, y’all couldn’t stop the flow with a tourniquet
They want some melodies from me but I prefer to spit
‘Cause every song I make’s a hit record, it’s like a nervous tick
But all this paper got me cold and emotionless
If you saw the bank you’d think I made my dough flippin’ opiates
Went from broke to a mogul, known as the dopest of vocalist’s
So the only thing that y’all can do now is hope that it’s over with

I been a legend, never question my worth
At fifteen knew this rapping s**t was destined to work
Don’t get it twisted when I pull up in this Chevy Traverse
‘Cause I’m a semi truck b**ch, I make a mess when I swerve
My trajectory is wealth and that’s predictable as f**k
I’m in love with the paper plus addiction’s in my blood
I never been the type to get convicted with some thugs
I’m the type that if you tryna run a business, I’m the plug, hoe

Y’all got no accolades, nothin’ that I congratulate
I call you serpent’s but y’all are rabbits and I’m the rattlesnake
It’s clear as day, I don’t see the need to elaborate
Y’all livin’ with your mama’s and jerkin’ off to some anime
We’re not alike and I’m provin’ this s**t consistently
Just try to follow my path, homie, you’ll fail miserably
F**k the first and the third, I’ll give ’em burns in the fifth degree
Simply put this rap game without me is history

I made it mama, take a look at what your boy did
Came a long way from stressin’ ’bout unemployment
Used to work with pesticides just to make a coin flip
Ironic ’cause I still get paid to spray poison
Remember slippin’ out of class so I could blast Shady
I locked myself in my room and master my craft daily
Now fast forward a decade, passionate fans play me
I’m past wavy, I’m the hurricane that crashed Haiti

Category five, water half a story high
Stop complainin’, quit your b**chin’
Just be happy you’re alive
I got ’em all offended
But it happens all the time
Ask me how I sleep at night
It’s in the laboratory high

Been a dope showman, f**k you is my whole slogan
These woke folks are probably products of broke Trojans
My rap style’s first degree murder with no motive
My foes chokin’ harder than hoes who condone throatin’

Your hate is obsolete, I’ve been winnin’ beyond belief
Y’all should just stop the gossip and focus on dodgin’ poverty
Life is on the road but my hobby is coppin’ property
Ballin’ but still driven, my life is turnin’ to Rocket League
I got ’em wonderin’ how much hotter the fame get
But it’s motherf**kin’ red rum until it rains red
Flip off my doubters, numb your feelin’s with some pain meds
I’m on the throne, b**ch, and I ain’t movin’ like I’m brain dead

I’m on the throne, b**ch, and I ain’t movin’ like I’m brain dead
I’m on the throne, b**ch, and I ain’t movin’ like I’m brain dead
I’m on the-on the throne-throne movin’ like I’m brain-brain dead
I’m on the throne, b**ch, and I ain’t movin’ like I’m brain dead…

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