Venom Inc. – Infinitum Lyrics

Infinitum Lyrics – Venom Inc.

Amassing the bodies in pits as they die
Fetid and filthy the rot
Flesh, bone and sinew, discarded like waste
Even their names we forgot
The symptoms and cause manifest in their blood
The pain in their eyes you can see
They look to the skies and reflect their demise
The master is holding the key

We mark out our time
As though we’re divine
We learn to succeed
When-when-when breathing
Is all that you need

And the mind is asking us why
But the heart is just beating to die

Time is transition and history just things in the past
The future is what we will be, so save it for last
Progressing our tortured dead soul in it’s infancy
Descending the circles of Hell is how it will be

And our mind is asking us why
While our heart is just beating to die

Polluting our thoughts we blacken the skies
Shrouding we block out the sun
Vibrating the earth without own helpless cries
Genocide infinitum

The deadly intrusion of plague on the world
Infesting, a cancerous curse
An evil affliction that’s born of the earth
There’s nothing imagined that’s worse
The symptom and cause manifest in the blood
The pain in their eyes you can see
Is realisation of cause and effect
The plague is our humanity

We’ll praise a blackened sun
For infinitum
When all mankind is done
For infinitum…

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