Unaverage Gang – Napalm Lyrics

Lyrics Napalm – Unaverage Gang

Crack your skull wide open
I’m coming out at the crack of dawn
Acting like you running s**t
But we know that you really not
Arms are wide open
I welcome you to the dark side
UAV be storing bodies like an archive

I know your mental state is deteriorating
I know you wanna pull that f**kin trigger
And start levitating
The way I’m feeling lately
Thinking I’m the son of Satan
Every time I step outside
I got bodies evaporating

Can’t compare me
I promise we not the same dawg
Different breed in this b**ch
Only dropping napalms
Raising hell as I’m banging my chest
Like King Kong
Getting wicked
I’m splitting wigs
Call me jigsaw

Yeah, a couple hated
I got it handled, I never waited
You put yourself up on a throne
And yeah that s**ts deflated
Surrounded by all the fake pu**ies
I gotta know
‘Cause I ain’t tryin to build you up
Just to let you go

And I ain’t weighin my life
And basin off the load
‘Cause that ain’t a valid
Measurement to be callin folks
The mental prison, I’m playin
This s**ts a f**ken game
I’m just tryin to survive
As they pullin chains

Common sense in this world
Has drop far below
I think it’s too far gone
Shoutout to alter egos
You throwin the flash
You lookin’ so stunned
Im cleanin out my life
Like I’m cleanin barrels of guns

If you got a f**ken problem
Don’t be writin a letter
‘Cause yeah I’d rather talk
Face to face to only get better
Don’t let your past suffocate
Only try to move forward
If you try to dig it deeper
Makes the past move more…

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