T.I. feat. Translee & B.o.B – Writer Lyrics

Lyrics “Writer” – T.I. feat. Translee and B.o.B

My Ambitionz as a writer
I just wanna answer what y’all are asking
Pretty boys hang with the ball cappin’
Keep it up I should be hanging with the Kardashians

My Ambitionz as a writer
Just like Vird has Weezy, Jay had Yeezy
Pac had Afeni, Club had Meezy
Sremm’ had Meechie, Coach had Jeezy
Dre had Eazy, y’all got Leezy

My Ambitionz as a writer
Yeah, writing my life in these songs
I feel like I’m righting these wrongs
So we need a Pac but he’s gone
So I’m at the door like ding dong
It’s not only me but the team strong
Been knocking and pounding like King Kong
I guess we’ll come back when you leave home

My Ambitionz as a writer
Shit I was smoking the keystone
I write ’cause I want a beach home
I write ’cause I’m selling the G-code
I write in a f*ck-ni*ga-free zone, one hunnid percent
Everybody won’t get it
Writing is a heavy job, infiltrating youth and help them get a job
Help them start a business, help ’em stay alive
Help them help themself and help them own a ride

My Ambitionz as a writer
My Ambitionz as a writer

Looking like you the neighborhood watch
Why you wifing up the neighborhood thot
Where I’m from, they don’t make it to the top
We don’t f*ck with 12, thanks for crooked cops
All out of favors, I’m all out of papers
I can’t be a doctor, I’m all out of patients
N*ggas be steady false claiming
I swear I don’t rap I just walk in and say shit
I say the shit they afraid to say
They say the shit they get paid to say
I do this shit on the day to day
F*ck on your hoe with my labelmates
Out of Dubai, when I lay awake
Come back for that pussy, that’s layaway
She blew me so long, I ain’t see her face
King of the jungle, a win away
LeBron James, I’m a ring away
She blew my phone and it ring away
My car hard and my seats soft
Either way you flip it, it’s a brick a’ yay
Rich enough to eat my cake
Ike Turner and Annie Mae
Same shit, different day, elevate
Jumpin’ good in all 50 states

My Ambitionz as a writer
My Ambitionz as a writer
My Ambitionz as a writer

Narrated, culture curator
Middle finger for a pure hater
Back when OutKast dropped elevators
I was a young dope boy delegator
See I’ve learnt it ain’t what you do man
I’m more concerned with your motivation
Eazy-E, Pac, B.I.G., and Pimp C, I celebrate em
Man I’m in the dope game when I was on the field
You ni*gas commentating, or either tailgatin’, betta tell ’em sum’n
Better mind your business ‘fo somebody get ya melon popped
Better tell ’em sum’n
Hit your trap queen too, you ain’t Fetty Wap
See that’s why I be writing, ’cause it’s therapeutic
Go the fed time, so my mind bad
See so many murders in the ’90s, when I go to sleep I can’t help but rewind back
I keep dreaming about having dime bags, some crack and a .9 as I’m ridin’ past cops
On probation to get behind me, turn they lights on, shawty I ain’t even stop
And the endin’ the same, I ride ’til I run outta gas, that’s when I wake up

My Ambitionz as a writer
My Ambitionz as a writer
My Ambitionz as a writer…

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