Sleepy Hallow – On The Radar Freestyle Lyrics

Lyrics On The Radar Freestyle – Sleepy Hallow

It’s a wrap when I get in my zone
Start b!tchin’, they play with that boy and he clickin’
Smack a n**ga like Will, I ain’t had me a Smith
And I was tryna bag it and flip it
Say you love me, I’m onto you b!tches
They don’t love me, they lovin’ the riches
Had to chill, I was movin’ too vicious
I date a fresh one, I don’t need two b!tches

Brand new glizzy, I make it extend
Slip once, I ain’t fallin’ again
Cut you off, we ain’t talkin’ again
And I came in a Lamb’, but I left in a Benz
F**k it up, I was born to win
Back then, I just feel I was born to spin
If I up it, he goin’ again
I told him, Go get it, he do it again

Let me stop, I been focused on money
Uh, ’cause mama ain’t raise no dummy
I do this for days, I was broke and bummy
Had a gun, I ain’t had no honey
I slid on the jakes that day they got on me
Where I’m from, you get shot by your homie
Where I’m from, you can’t hang, you don’t know me
You gotta move tac’ when you slide on your doley
Lil’ bro used to hop out the, uh

Hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on, uh
Wait, look

Uh, baby, I’m back, for real
Uh, I’m movin’ tac’ for real
What’s that, Girl, that’s a strap, for real
Don’t lack, that’s how you get killed
But you ain’t gotta be in the field
You could go to school and be real
You got a nine-to-five, So what
Tell them n**gas you could pay bills

F**k it, I’m livin’ life like I love it
Sometimes I just wanna dub it
Shorty a eater, I ain’t tryna cuff it
What you talkin’, Soundin’ like rubbish
I don’t like parties, I don’t like clubbin’
If I go, then the Glock comin’
Uh, if I go, then the, uh

Gotta watch who you call your girl
Gotta watch who you call your mans
Lil’ n**ga, the world is yours
Make some money then do it again
She tryna play, don’t want you to win
It’s gon’ hurt when you f**kin’ her friend
You should ask her where she wanna cry
In the Lamb’ or up in the bed
Heard the feds all up on my head
They say that we let it off and we fled

You think Sleepy gon’ tell on the gang
I’m like, n**ga, I’d rather be dead
Like, f**k it, I’d rather be gone
Don’t forget who was puttin’ you on
Had your chance but you took too long
Like I gotta chill, can’t do too wrong
Like, like, baby, I’m not one of them
‘Cause until we ain’t f**kin’ again
He a rat, I can’t trust him again
If he snitch once, he be snitchin’ again

Body different, I said it again
I been goin’, I’m clippin’ my ends
They like, Sleepy, you did it a.. uh
They like, Sleepy, you did it again…

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