Sik World – Mental Issues Lyrics

Lyrics “Mental Issues” – Sik World

I just feel like.. nobody really understands me
You know.. its like I constantly play this game in my head
Like I, I think I’m good and and then I, I don’t know

I got mental issues, I don’t what to call it
Okay, I gotta couple screws loose inside my noggin
Shoutout to my dad for not using a condom
Cuz now I’m a problem

Imagine these rappers were tight
Mumble rap was just a gag at the mic
Back in the the lab they were actually tight
Countin stacks while gettin a laugh at the hype

And these pill poppin rappers never dabble in vic’s
Sober and clean neva sold crack in the night
Nice guys who rap tuff but get dragged in fight
The type who won’t stab but keep on grabbin a knife

I’m just babbling facts, hope you handle advice
Don’t diss me, you don’t wanna gamble your life
Yeah I’m rambling but you can tell I’m actually tight
Damn it I just might hit a dab to the right

Like I’m coming from the dance of the night
These things happen, kuz I happen to write
I’m still standing, bi*ch I stand at a height
That you can’t fathom, so just pass on the mic

No ones gunna get in my way kuz I won’t let you
Yeah your sick but I am on another level
I don’t like you and I’m not gunna pretend to
I gotta great life that I need to attend to

Its f*ck you and the people rollin with you
I’m actually fine, you’re the one with the issue
First time I do a show, I rage at the venue
And flex on my ex like the way I was meant to

I need Jennette McCurdy to f*ck me
I wanted dirty sex with her since iCarly
We met at a meet and greet and it was lovely
She recognized me and I begged her to love me
(This is a true story lol)

You say I rap sad, i got one side that’s ugly
Think I’m not savage, you must be a dummy
Got girls in different states there calling me hubby
Girl you’ll get replaced if you start to get funny

It’s about time I flex, I think that I deserve it
Been rapping for years barely scratching the surface
Been underground to long and now I’m emerging
Not stoppin my music till slim shadys heard it

I been crazy workin on my daily urges
To give you nothing less than amazing verses
Get turnt at the club with the bottles you purchased
While I manifest every dream you been curvin
That’s real

I got mental issues, I can not ignore this
Okay, I could get help but I can’t afford it
Shoutout to my mom for passin on abortion
Your son will be enormous

Everybody from higley high please listen up
Thank you for telling me I should give up
You partied I worked and finessed a buzz
How’s does it feel to get left in the dust

Funny how you girls keep hittin me up
Up In my DM’s, like.. when we gon’ f*ck
I’ma need you to get off of my nuts
The girls who curved me they turned into sluts

Dont say we’re friends and don’t wish me luck
I got my fans right here backin me up
I turned to music and you turned to drugs
Get a look, this is what sacrifice does

Tried to be nice but it wasn’t enough
I think I like the person I’ve become
F*ck your advice, I listen to my gut
And it’s telling me keep f*ckin shit up

I got so much anger that’s inside me
I just wanna end you
Everybody’s so quick to judge me, but..
Don’t know what I been thru

I been locked all alone inside of my room
Showin the world what my pen do
I say whatever I feel, Im unapologetic
I give a f*ck if I offend you

Fans writing me sik. I’m so sick of the booing
We wanna hear that raw bump in the trunk music
I got this beat by homage and got right to it
I’ve been up all night just so I can write to it

Why it feel like you don’t realize that I’m human
I have feelings to and I feel Ima loose it
Got anger pent up, please don’t tell me to cool it
I harnessed my emotions and then I use it like

Oh my god, I think I’m gunna show you more then you can see
All my probs, in my mind, slow me down because they run deep
All this time you thought I was in my bed but I can’t sleep
All my life I felt like, no one could truly love me

Could truly love me, yeah…

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