Sean Leon – Vintage Lyrics

Lyrics “Vintage” – Sean Leon

They be going off online
I’ma pull up in my off time, hit a n*gga offline
Y’all gon’ have me doing hard time
Fed the family through the hard times
Now the family all fine, now we all fine

No label but the streets gon’ fund me
Guns raised when the fun start raising
The fun raising, the fiends go fund me
They be throwing shade all day
I evade unfazed and remain sun ray

Maui at the point right now
That overlooking my sound is just lowkey hating
Sleeping on me, wake up b*tch
And stay up on some Vegas shit
Smoke my weed and play with it
Spent some time, it made me rich

What you know about riding that wave
Till the water turns black and it gets too deep
What you know about gettin’ no sleep
‘Cause you ain’t had no time in the last two weeks
Young n*gga

Young n*gga, young n*gga..
Ever seen a young n*gga
Young n*gga, young n*gga
Ever seen a young n*gga
Ever seen a young n*gga
Young n*gga, young n*gga..

In my sessions chefin’ with the spices
So precise and know it’s so decisive
I aspire to live my life like Christ’s
But right now I’m living through a crisis
Lost control and lost my soul devises
A stream of conscious streaming through devices
F*ck I look like taking your advice b*tch
Drop a single, double up my prices
Yeah, the game f*cked…

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