Russ Millions ft. Krept and Konan – Pisces Lyrics

Lyrics Pisces – Russ Millions ft. Krept and Konan

Mi-millions, I’ve been chartin’ for ages
Baba Milly up in her playlist
Killin’ it, give her wood, she can’t take it
Tickin’ it, bust my nut, let her taste it
Similar, climbed the charts, nothin’ basic
Pickler, pick and tint make her shake it
Climax, course I left her legs shakin’
Figure eight, no my legs, I can’t break it

I ain’t got no manners
Them man yap-yap, ain’t causin’ damage
Bodoom, bap-bap, watch him lose his balance
My girl’s boujee, but her man’s a savage
Feisty, but I don’t mind a challenge
Re-reflex, got an amazin’ talent

De-pump, pull and we close, can’t manage
Sativa, bun ‘nough weed like Wiz Khalifa
Darkoo strapped up, ready for diva
Cognac, Russ ain’t into tequila
Russ been lit since Becky and Keisha
Gun lean, chat dem ah chat like Tanisha
Jumpy, when I’m on stage, it’s a wheel up
Dot-dot, brang that ’round to Sabrina’s
MSplash make juice spill, couple litres

Got the drop on homie’s address
You know bro’s don’t rest
Salah, man with a right box, man with the left
You know koof-kuff-kweff
It’s R.I.P if the young boy cheff
Now your bro on a T-shirt like Corteiz
Obviously gyal just hot on
Doggy that gyal with crocs on
Who them boy tryna get drops on
‘Cah I got a serious watch on

The man that I walk with, certi’
Spin that, sturdy
Bro just bust that thanks to the barrister
Real madman, yuh nuh, hand ting carrier
Shells in Greece, had shanks in Malia, different calibre
Threw that mash ‘cah the feds weren’t catchin’ up
Lost that arm like Jamie Lannister
Like gyal foreign with a language barrier
Big fat back, I might..

That tough talk, better cut right down
‘Cah the things that we got for a stranger
Turn your world upside down
‘Round here’s not safe for you
Your grandma better pray for you
On your ends like Tems
I tell the young G’s wait for you

In a stolen with a pole in
Doin’ all that trollin’ ’til we hold him
KD phone in through the brodem
Keep my wrist frozen like it’s swollen
I don’t wanna lotion no emotion
Tings skin golden when we clothe in
Whole ting soakin’ while I’m strokin’
Like an ocean

Is it me or the VVS
Broke boys give me P.T.S
Opp boys wanna see me stressed
Lil deal on the PDF
Lil’ bro made the K pop, BTS
The French ting give me EE texts
Said she wanna come London, EasyJet
But my West ting’s here, can’t see me yet…

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