Rah-C – Expectations Lyrics

Lyrics “Expectations” – Rah-C

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I’m realizing, we cannot conceal horizons
That we lust
I’d rather be working to get it until I combust
So few that I can trust that issues have risen
Dealt with precision
Heart felt to show that my vision
Could shelter your disposition

I’m here, never fear me if you’re looking to get acquainted
Multiple pictures I have painted
Hitting your girl until she fainted
Till I brought it her to the hospital
Bought her a popsicle and told her that it didn’t happen
And every illusion optical, hoe
Now it’s time to go I jump from out the window
Praying to god like it’s domingo
Till I landed broke my leg and yelled like elders winning in bingo

You couldn’t sell me with that fake quota
Fly like propellers and hang with good fellas like Ray Liotta
That wake and bake odor got me in a trance
So call the ambulance and when they come I’m laughing pissing my pants
I never could dance but still I serenade
Every line that line that I displayed
Will show that I’ma blow up like an idiot holding a hand grenade

I’ll throw a damn parade and gather
Remember being young and texting girls to play a game of would you rather
Til they blabber bout the things I asked
Was always sitting in class tryna stare at they ass
Now hitting me seeing we elevate fast
Looking to renovate, hoping every word will resonate

Now watch me demonstrate the way that you wind up at heavens gate
You just a featherweight you can’t handle what I bring to the masses
But for now I’m stuck in classes till the skill I have surpasses
Every expectation no doubt
Don’t have an explanation you’ll get thrown out
Your girl in mesmerization when I show out
So what I gotta flow bout to catch your delicate ear
The women ain’t celibate here
But weirdos won’t benefit yeah the deficit clear

I preserved from the ground level
The devil tried to make my sound revel but luckily I’m profound
I’m perfect when on the mound like Don larsen
You’re stupid and don’t belong in this race like Ben Carson, you feel me, huh
I meditate so I can see the world
I’m not concerned with how much liquor you funnel or how much weight you curled
Because it’s cool until you do it to get a reaction
Here for satisfaction dressing stupid telling me that fashion

But my rest is lucid, I’m the restitution that you need
Your resolution starts by ending greed
Pollution of the soul puts you in a hole you’ll never wanna see
Let’s smoke some marijuana talk about the people we could be

We’re so desensitized but I devised a plan to make a statement
All equal as people but on the mic you’re not adjacent
I won’t ever be complacent I want every one to win
But know I’m here to make a statement let the fun and games begin, uh…

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