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Philip - Non è un gioco Lyrics

Philip – Non è un gioco Lyrics

Lyrics Non è un gioco – Philip Mettevo I love nei vestiti Poi ho cambiato imbosco Mia madre li lavava I soldi restavano sporchi Guida con una mano Per I blocchi Fendi sugli occhi Marlboro

Joshwa - Magalenha Lyrics | Video

Joshwa – Magalenha Lyrics

Lyrics Magalenha – Joshwa Vem, Magalenha Rojão Vem, Magalenha Rojão Vem, Magalenha Rojão Vem, Magalenha Rojão Vem, Magalenha Rojão Vem, Magalenha Rojão Traz a lenha pro fogão Vem fazer armação Hoje é um dia de

Red Leather - Dakota Lyrics

Red Leather – Dakota Lyrics

Lyrics Dakota – Red Leather I was on a one-way train Headed to a valley of death with a balling chain Then you let me in and cleaned me up Took me to church, gave

33 Dogs - Zhouzhou Lyrics

33 Dogs – Zhouzhou Lyrics

Lyrics Zhouzhou – 33 Dogs Hey, hey Come rain or shine I spend my day Foolin’ around Hey, hey You make feel so high And I don’t want to say To say goodbye Now my

The Jordan - Temptation Lyrics

The Jordan – Temptation Lyrics

Lyrics Temptation – The Jordan None of us speak When we all know the truth Who is the star You gave me nothing to lose Not looking for a war When all I really want

Wrabel - happier Lyrics | Video

Wrabel – happier Lyrics

Lyrics happier – Wrabel You were lying on the floor Taking my hand into yours Something was different bout the way you held me Tighter than you did before Like you knew it was the