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Chase Atlantic - Mamacita Lyrics

Chase Atlantic – Mamacita Lyrics

Lyrics Mamacita – Chase Atlantic Make me proud, make me proud, yeah She started f**king around now Off that tequila again, yeah She gon’ kill me with her mouth, yeah She makes me dance in

Omnium Gatherum - Lovelorn Lyrics

Omnium Gatherum – Lovelorn Lyrics

Lyrics Lovelorn – Omnium Gatherum Feel the coming day One never went away The only guest here to stay Lay it out tonight Show ’em you are the kind That makes it count tonight And

Matteo Bocelli - Fasi Lyrics

Matteo Bocelli – Fasi Lyrics

Lyrics Fasi – Matteo Bocelli E mi ritrovo a pensare Che tra un mare di gente non ci si trova più Io me ne voglio restare Come un cane sull’erba quando mi sento giù Che

Pretty Sister - Afterlife Lyrics

Pretty Sister – Afterlife Lyrics

Lyrics Afterlife – Pretty Sister I arrived at a crossroads In the dark I was alone Silhouette in the shadows There she spoke from the gallows Living dangerous There ain’t nobody coming saving you Temptation

Johnny Goth - Haunt Me Lyrics

Johnny Goth – Haunt Me Lyrics

Lyrics Haunt Me – Johnny Goth These days they feel so hazy Sunlight don’t seem to change me Your light I know can bring me home But I can’t find it lately I’ve been up

MAVIS - Monsters Lyrics | Video

MAVIS – Monsters Lyrics

Lyrics Monsters – MAVIS A holy chaos That separates The ocean surface from the hollow ground You cannot force what needs to be untamed You can observe it with an open mind A holy chaos

Jay Wheeler - THROWBACK Lyrics

Jay Wheeler – THROWBACK Lyrics

Lyrics THROWBACK – Jay Wheeler Baby, hace tiempo no te veo y los días están feos Quiero el olor de tu totito de nuevo en mis deos Te vi janguendo con tu amiga y eso