NLE Choppa, Rick Ross – Cold Game Lyrics

Lyrics Cold Game – NLE Choppa feat. Rick Ross

This whole motherf**kin’ album fire
I know if this motherf**ker don’t go number one
Y’all n**gas hatin’
You heard it first from mama Choppa, bam

When the day is gone, you’re all I need
When I close my eyes, it’s all I see
Love me like I used to before

Appetite for new timepieces, ain’t no time to lose
Ain’t no lie, Jacob know me, I bought all kinds of jewels
Put the haters on me, trust me, I make all kinds of moves
Here dealing with these fakers ’til I make up all the rules
I just wanna ride around and we lock the city down
All my b**ches fightin’ in the club with they titties out
Double M, we Blowin’ Budz, put them Phillies out
And any boy get out of line, I came to sit him down

I had a million on my mind, but that’s a billion now
Build a mansion out in Cali’ with the ceilings out
N**ga say they beefin’ with me, but I’m still in town
I got the killers in chinchillas, we the realest out
If you in your feelings, you gon’ feel this now
You know this Double M, that’s when you hear the sound
All the baddest b**ches came to get it down
And I know you on the ‘shrooms, that’s if you feel the bounce

When the day is gone, you’re all I need
When I close my eyes, it’s all I see
Love me like you used to before

Patty wagons turn to Rolls-Royces, yeah
Makin’ different choices, tryna see which corporate brand I’m signin’ with for endorsements
You can catch me on the Forbes stuntin’
Pink, green, blue bills, I don’t discriminate the money
Like the Doomsday comin’, I’ma run it up
You n**gas run y’all d!ck suckers too much and ride d!ck
Get off my nuts
I’ma check in ’bout my bread, watch some n**gas check out
We chiropractin’ n**gas neck, what that mean, Stretch him out
Playin’ with the Gs, I got a murder fee
That lead to casualties, ayy, just pick out your tee
I live a fantasy, b**ches from Tel Aviv
In the Florida Keys, ridin’ jet skis

Pulled over, made a pit stop to f**k on a beach
While she ride me, I’m thankin’ God I’m out of the streets
I had the keys, the keys to feed the fiends
I had the rocks, took risks, the opps, they died for this and that
But don’t speak on wax, don’t let this light skin fool ya
I’m ’bout what I rap, yeah
Ayy, threesomes, that’s regular thing
I need a ten-piece combo like some lemon pepper chicken wings

Ayy, I’m a big boss like I’m Rick Ross
You a*s backwards, criss-cross
You chasin’ b**ches over money
Well, that’s where you broke the law
If a ho hit today, then she gon’ be here to stay
She ain’t here while I’m broke
When I’m rich, it’s her loss, word to Drake
One-sixteen ain’t enough
Like I’m André 3K, thirty-two bars like Jiggas
Feel like Hov, man
Cross me when I gave you leeway
They play me like I’m 2K, don’t call me, Brother, n**ga
That’s my old name, my old b**ch f**ked another n**ga
Then a hundred n**gas just to get back
And I remained the same
Cold game, still same
Sunny days after rain
Pain turn to pleasure, made a man

When the day is gone, you’re all I need
When I close my eyes, it’s all I see
Love me like you used to before

This the takeover
Y’all had your time
Now it’s time to have mine
I know it’s a lot to digest
Heart burn in your chest
From a rookie to a vet’
And I ain’t even done yet…

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