Nicki Minaj – Big Difference Lyrics

Lyrics Big Difference – Nicki Minaj

Like my hunnids blue
Bad b!tches, yeah, I keep ’em by the two
It’s a big difference between me and you
I ain’t nothin’ like you, you, you, or you

Uh, I’m on a whole ‘nother level
These b!tches is out of they league
These b!tches ain’t battin’ like me
You b!tches ain’t badder than me
You b!tches don’t count and these b!tches can’t count
I am not the one, two, or the three
You b!tches look up to me
You said you look up to her
But really you look up to me

I can’t be playin’ with n**gas, I married a G
I got some n**gas that do what I say
If I tell ’em to shoot, they pull up from the three
When b!tches be rappin’, I’m laughin’
It sound like you tryin’ to me
I’m who you dyin’ to be
Will somebody cop all these groupies a ticket
‘Cause I’m who they dyin’ to meet

I’m in the city, I drop a location and all of the killers come out
These n**gas be frontin’ for y’all, but they play the back when them killers is out
When them killers is out, cut ’em off like the scissors is out
When Barbie touchdown, the baddest of b!tches is out

I like my hunnids blue…

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