NBA Youngboy – It Could Go Lyrics

Lyrics It Could Go – NBA Youngboy

I ain’t no 2Pac of this generation, I’m AI YoungBoy
You try to get ahead of this generation, you’ll get a run for it
Got a lot of risks inside my situation, but I was born for it
I’ll take the breath pipe from a n**ga, he tryna find a ..

Mama please, let me wipe the tears off top of your eye
I look deep and I could see myself dyin’
I wonder why I took the Z’s, for me to wear a glove with this Glock
Mama stay .. as a child, success will come

Fell before I come, and ain’t nobody try to lift me up
.. do it off the line, he hit my mind, he tried to stick me up
Tell him one, two times, the slumped that iron, they tried to pick me up
P**sy b**ch keep tryin’ and still ain’t rich as us

This s**t ain’t the same no more
Go to poppin’, b**ch hit the floor
Can’t take away this pain, oh Lord
Ain’t no switchin’ up anyway, it could go

From .. to the ..
From my grandma house to the hospital
Don’t talk that gangster s**t to me, you ain’t never shot n**gas
I’m a real top .. and I’m known around the world as Top n**ga
Spray from the top h*e with the whole nine, n**ga
Treat my like a dog, I changed the life
Can’t even f**k to make it right
And you so different
Now you wishin’ I know more, ain’t like my type
F**k the industry, lose the hype
I’m a user, f**k with drug dealers
Real connected, use my city for the plug n**gas

When you ’round me don’t .. me, you surround white boys
Green flaggin’ ’round, that’s a .., they’ll take your life for it
Thirty grand for the kid .., you got it my boy
I’ma take care for dangerous people, I supply the knife toys
Create the night noise

You barely know me
But I open all myself to you
You said you love me…

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