Miss Mulatto – Real Princess Lyrics

Lyrics “Real Princess” – Miss Mulatto

Latto let em know
South side.. yeah

Latto let ’em know, they sleeping on me
Coffee mug, I’ma wake ’em up, I keep ’em with me
Hittas, I’m never lonely
Something like a bad dream, I’m who they don’t wanna see
Huh, Helen Keller to the competition
Get you out your seat, like an intermission
I’m what the rap game been missing
Lost dog, get you gone, that’s a phone call

I don’t play with kids, get a leap frog
Let me take it back, like a recall
Uh, huh.. momma said knock you out
Collect my bread, then I’m out
I’m from the dirty, dirty south
Filthy rich, my account
Huh, giving ’em problems
So far they sweating the kid like a sauna

Half of you rappers should pay me to be your writer, why
I’ll get you out of that Honda
Benihana, I came up from McDonald’s
My head in the zeros like it was a comma
Competition go poof, like Cosmo and Wanda
Got it on they waist, I ain’t talking prima donna
I’m protected, I ain’t lucky, this a blessing
Driving em’ crazy, they don’t wanna test me

Get it.. I’m the gingerbread man, they can’t catch me
Took off, moved on, pipe down
They don’t even book y’all
Huh, don’t nobody wanna see a loser
That is a rip off.. hah, c*cky I’m branded
Check out my pockets cause they got me sagging
Beating the odds and I’m making it happen
Ain’t talking bout luggage when I say they packing

I am the bomb like Osama
I don’t care bout you, no I ain’t Obama
Surrounded by water like I’m the Bahamas
Huh, check out my pinky, I promise
Hah, and you know I’m with it
And I still don’t tuck my chain when I’m in a different city
If you ever looking for me, it ain’t hard to come and get me
All them diamonds that you rapping bout, I ain’t seeing any

How you beefing with me and I still ain’t been touched
Ferragamo on my belt only time I’ma cuff
And I’m finna go up, ten bands ain’t enough
Moving for the money like a flight on Delta
Uh, I’m feeling like Fabo I bet they can’t do it like me
I’m feeling like I should be the queen ain’t talking Lightning
I can’t fall in love with them if that visa ain’t swiping
Selling out shows in your city that’s why she don’t like me

Like, I can never go out sad no
Is you big or little mad dog
If you let me call myself the princess in your city
Then you really going out bad bro
Folks ain’t built like me, south side princess come and see about me
That little girl can’t watch it, if it ain’t PG
And I been had a chain, before I was on the TV
Handing out L’s I should work out Louis Vuitton

They ain’t doing nothing, Mulatto haven’t done
Like the runner up, cause Mulatto ain’t the one
Feeling like trump, they just mad that I won
Huh, but I’m with her
My flow so nasty like it’s a pervert
I’m bout that action like I was a verb
I shoot videos with out calling herds
Nah fr, don’t need a deal

Don’t need no silicone I keep it real
Running em’ out like I’m a fire drill
Giuseppe’s stepping, I came dressed to kill
Give her the boot like that lil’ girl from Nola
I’m at they neck like a choker
I got ’em shook like a soda
I told her to drop her dot like she poker…

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