Marie Dahlstrom – Anymore. Lyrics

Lyrics “Anymore.” – Marie Dahlstrom

I want you to be better without me
I want you to be
More than you could be when you were about me
Be more to her
Yeah, only want you to be wiser without me
I wish that you would learn a few things about me
What you didn’t
No, you didn’t

So now I’m stuck here with this feeling that you
Could never have it
Oh, I thought you’d be calm and I don’t love you the same
But I’m still questioning

To tell me what you’re thinking of
Tell me now I’m gone
Tell me what you’re thinking of
Tell me now you’re gone

I guess now that I’m out the way
You can stop pretending
Find a girl who can keep up with your filtering
Conform to your likens
Oh, I wish you well
But as far as I can tell
You’re better without me
You’re not thinking about me no more

Tell me, are you stuck there with the feeling that you
Didn’t give me your all
Drove us further apart
All the time passed by and you don’t love me the same
Maybe you’re still wondering

You wanna know what I’ve been thinking of
I tell you now I’m gone
Maybe all the distance, baby
Tell you what I’m thinking of
Yeah, I tell you now I’m gone
I tell you what, what, what
I’m telling you now that I’m gone
Bye, bye, baby
Tell me what you’re thinking of
‘Cause I wanna know
Tell me now I’m gone

I’ve been moving on, and lately
He’s been taking up my time
Although I’ve been trying to forget you, baby
Questions linger out my tongue
I wanna know, I wanna know
I wonder does he treat you well
Give you things that I couldn’t get
Oh, how are you
I wonder if you feel okay
Do you love her in the same way
You loved me more, I hope
It’s deeper, it’s sweeter
And better, I’m not bitter
Anymore.. more.. anymore
Oh no, no

Butterflies, they’ve been fly away
Remember you one day, baby…

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