Lute – Morning Shift Lyrics

Lyrics “Morning Shift” – Lute

Fruity Pebbles in the morning with his daughter, she a star
Reminiscing on the days when her mama had his heart
Ain’t no time to dwell, it’s like the people grow apart
Spend all your time and thought then it’s back to where you start

I can’t comprehend what I cannot understand
I’m only human, never defined by circumstance
F*ck this rap for silence, let’s about real life
How many of yall n*ggas real n*ggas in real life, rhetorical
Partner but who are you to be judge, they dap you up, call it love
Like, who the f*ck can you trust

Double edge with the blade, so you embrace for the cuts
The sky is my words, like my n*gga, good luck
Hope to see you do well, translation hope that he fell
Like f*ck these n*ggas I’m ill, real recognize real
Like f*ck these n*ggas I’m here, headstone for these rappers
I just might tat a tear

Trying to be to my city, perhaps what Cole to the Ville
West Charlotte legend, ain’t drop a tape in five years
So redefine what’s great, but he ain’t got what it takes
Your avatar got no face, you obviously can’t relate
But ain’t shit in my way, I drop my top and I skate
Cause we can die any day, so I’m just finding my place

My daughter call like.. why you leave me so late
Ain’t no road where daddy headed, so he paving a way
But in your heart, I’m every step of the way
Just let the record be played, to hear my voice every day that I’m gone
Face-time me, I’ll sing you a song
Face-time me ’cause your never alone
Before you know it, I’m home
Another day, another dollar, we on

I say shackles on my feet can’t hold me back (hold me back)
I say shackles on my feet can’t hold me back (hold me back)…

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