Like Moths To Flames – Dark Divine Lyrics

Lyrics “Dark Divine” – Like Moths To Flames

No light inside my dark
These walls speak louder when I’m alone
No love without a heart
Gave and took until it all put me back at the start

No in between
I let the world get the best of me
Thereʼs no light inside my dark
If you could see inside my head these days
Youʼd be so lost youʼd never find your way

Cold to the touch
There is no saving grace
Thereʼd be no way to fill this empty space
I know itʼs not what youʼd expect

Don’t you say
That I sound too jaded
Always overthinking
Long way to go from here

Don’t you waste
Days that I feel unworthy
Numb to my worries
Long way to go from here
Haunted by a ghost of my own

I tried to talk to God and he just gave me a rope
Heavens so far, Hell feels close
All thats left is for me is just to let this go
Hollow and alone
Not meant to be loved
Forever on my own…

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