Kublai Khan – The Hammer Lyrics

Lyrics “The Hammer ” – Kublai Khan

You will never
Cease to seek validation
Desperation grows
Lower than my lowest lows
Trapped inside
Where I hide
You will never know
You will never ever know

Panic sets in
As I envision the abyss I’ve crept in
Don’t come back here
Turn away knowing none can go near

Memorize this
Strict warning from a f*cking bastard
Misery lives
And she will hunt you till it’s all that makes sense

Another day, my friend
Into the mirror I descend
Reenact these reactions
Duplicate the appearance of passion

Act up as a weapon of distraction
When deep down my nerves strike up like matches
And I’ll never leave this
State of mind, I’ve tried, it’s useless
It’s useless

I remain afflicted
I remain afflicted
Forever suspicious

Of anyone that listens
Knowing well I’m nothing worth fixing
My tongue is a shovel
It dug deep
Bringing you to my level
Another day, my friend
Another day I must suffer to pretend

That this shit doesn’t kill me
That I’m fine and no lover to misery
My own friends don’t visit me I know why
No one Ever wants my company

It’s all there
My mirror Medusa, my master
My secret, my slave, my captor
From birth through death and forever

I won’t let you walk away yet
I take your steps as a f*cking threat
My warning is a f*cking threat…

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