Kodak Black – I N U Lyrics

Lyrics “I N U” – Kodak Black

Aye.. goin’ up top catchin’ plays like I’m Victor Cruz n*gga
And I’m catchin’ picks, I’m catchin’ yours too n*gga
You ain’t Drew Brees n*gga, that’s a flu flicker

My n*gga still be stealin’ cars, he love that stuff n*gga
He done brought me a brand new car, I told him.. n*gga get me a rental
Like how the hell I’ma tell him chill, that shit ain’t cool n*gga
‘Cause I used to do it with him and I maneuver in ’em
Damn right we hit the scene together, I hit the news with him
But I hit news by myself before I hit the news with him
I ain’t tellin’ you how I’ma play it, I ain’t tellin’ you how I move n*gga
Hell yeah that’s what I do, but that ain’t what I do n*gga

I don’t even feel like n*gga tellin’ ya kids to stay in school
‘Cause I always did the opposite, n*gga I ain’t stay in school
Maybe if they told me not to go, I probably would’ve stayed in school
Codeine and orange soda, that’s my formula, I want baby food
I don’t eat baby food, I don’t eat baby food
Put a “O” in front of the Range Rover, that’s a orange coupe
That’s a strange coupe, that’s a orange Range Rover coupe
That’s a o-range rover, that’s a fruit

Y’all so cute, get her, she for you, she a swoop
On a boot, 1800 Tequila, I’m litty like Peter Boo
Peter Boo thought she for him, she for me, she for you
No, SG is not a crew, we a team, not a crew
This shit deeper to me than you, you can’t even see no we and you
You creep just like them people too, that’s why it ain’t no me and you
I go peep the truth, see Pooh, he could shoot on the roof, he peekaboo
I say my vowels for the dollar bill, I.. A-E-I-O-U

First thing first is I-O-U, I’ma spray first if I owe you
My n*gga in prison goin’ crazy, keep on askin’ me ’bout his lady
I ain’t finna be out here watchin’ her page, I ain’t finna be out here stalkin’ yo lady
And my brother ’bout to have a baby, ’bout to be a uncle and I’m a baby
Paranoid, I’m livin’ dangerous, paranoid, I’m overthinkin’
Wrap the car up just to spray it, put it up then candy paint it
I’m a baby with a baby, I done killed so much-a babies
I done kidnapped, I done whipped so much-a babies

If the neighbors hear me, they gon’ call the police
Child neglect, call the DCF on me
Child abuse, I’m in the kitchen droppin’ a 14
All that night I was ridin’ ’round the city to this slow beat
If the neighbors hear me, they gon’ call the police
DCF called child neglect on me
Water whippin’ in the kitchen, I’m droppin’ a 14
Got that glizzy, ridin’ ’round the city to this slow beat

I done lost my mind all night, when I grind I don’t get no sleep
You goddamn right once they let me out, I’m in yo’ hoe cheeks
I think these n*ggas lactose intolerant, they don’t get no cheese…

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