Kodak Black – First Day Out Lyrics

Lyrics “First Day Out” – Kodak Black

Yeah.. yeah..

First day out
Gave my mama hundred racks
And bought a iced-out AP watch
And bought a Cuban links just to match it
That wasn’t voodoo, that wasn’t magic
N*gga be cappin’, I just be laughin’
That was God, ni*ga was fastin’

And hidin’ K2 in my mattress
Smokin’ Tunechi in my cell
That was my twelfth time going to jail
That was my second time going to hell
And back for real but I prevail
Canary yellow diamonds in my braces

Same color as my lady
‘Bout to hit her with no Jimmy Mack
And go have her a baby
‘Bout to hit her with no Jimmy
Have her walkin’ like a penguin
Still finessin’, still be poppin’ frogs …

And a brand new two-door Wraith
I coulda bought it but I just rent it
Got a brand new big old chain
Got so much sauce I don’t need no pendant
Paintin’ pictures when I be spendin’
I’m poppin’ … on all these women

It’s my birthday, just turned 20
And I just went to go see the dentist
Put some stones all in my gold
Know you ni*gas thought I was gone
Know you ni*gas thought I wasn’t comin’ home
But guess what, bi*ch I’m home

On probation, but I still keep that chrome
Crack a ni*ga dome..

Traded my AR for a sniper, traded my Draco for a TEC
Traded my Rollie for a AP but I coulda got a Patek
And I coulda got a Corvette, and I coulda got me a jet
And I coulda got me some sense, but I only got me some neck
Traded my ex bi*ch for a check, I’m takin’ codeine with the X

I wanna buy my brother the world
But since I can’t, I’ma get him a Lex
Ay ay, I’m a Israel like my diamonds is real ice
I had to sacrifice to be here, that’s how I’m with you tonight
I had to run down with my big Glock 9 to feed my appetite
I had to go through hard times and dark times just for me to see the light

Ay.. I remember pourin’ honey on my rice
Ay.. I remember havin’ no money, I was livin’ in shacks
Ay.. you got me f*cked up if I’ma go out without a fight
Ay.. this my first day out, I’ma live it up tonight

Live it up tonight
This my first day out, I’ma live it up tonight
Live it up tonight
This my first day out, I’ma live it up tonight…

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