Gaerea – Memoir Lyrics

Lyrics Memoir – Gaerea

The sea is calm tonight
The high tide reaches the ego

The old moon rises above
The horizon
A lighting beam burns her skin

A deafening sound
Dragging around
Like bugs
I desired the art
Of the lines drawn around the earth
No one to care or to dream about
Awake in desire of being the one
The one who was never alone
As a drenched drowned being
Of someone who′s gone

I hang numb as a bending flower

The inverted man

Just hold me tight
While spilling the lost conscience
She always seemed so bright
Carrying the teardrops of faith
Of human misery
Sticks were held like wands
Stones thrown as in war
We built dens that we call our home
Yet the will was too weak to hold them tight
Shame on the truth, I light my reflection
An image roars
Through thy empty walls
Desolation descends to answer the call

Succumbing the earth’s shore
Boldness, compunction and death
I can only hear its melancholy, long, withdrawing roar
The rasping sound of pebbles
The waves drawing back
But they will never stand behind

The sea is calm tonight
The high tide reaches the ego
A lighting beam burns her skin…

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