Fat Tony – Waterfalls Lyrics

Lyrics “Waterfalls” – Fat Tony

Took a look inside myself
To figure out what ni*ga’s ‘bout
When they think that the grass is green
But it ain’t always what it seems
It ain’t always it is
It ain’t always what it could be

Yo’ bi*ch gave the kid a woody
Now I’m riding ‘round the city
In her car to the nearest bar
Intercontinental, hello
I’ma need a rental
When I land in San Francisco
Grab a pencil, jot it down

I’ma give some info
Follow whatever you chose
But make sure you set a goal
Know your price, know your limit
If you write it, better send it
I’ma need a rider like Winona when I get up in it

If I’m in it, know she looking like a centerfold
Love it when she touch her toes
I might have to strike a pose
Looking for a sad, pale bi*ch to get in my soul
Where she at
Heaven knows, probably jamming Interpol
I said a bad, pale bi*ch to get in my soul
Where she at?
Heaven knows, but let’s get back to setting goals

Don’t go chasing waterfalls
Don’t-don’t go chasing waterfalls

If you weak, if you can’t deal with the heat
If you can’t take a chance, and take a try
Take a look at I
Take a look and tell me I don’t know ‘bout all that I don’t know
Cause I all know is that I gotta go, I gotta get it
Get it, headed to New Dehli

Makaveli entered me and told me.. pray a hail mary
Jail, buried, all results may vary
Know it’s a lil’ scary
Lot of ni*gas ain’t in cemeteries
No obituaries
Ain’t no record, so here for the record

Here’s a retrospective
If you take a look at me
You’ll see that I am just a man, a human being
Flesh and bone like Flesh-N-Bone
But my shit ain’t in harmony
I’m tryna do what’s true to you

I’m tryna do what’s true to me
And somewhere in-between the two
I’m losing who we used to be
I used to know just what the hell I’m doing
Now it’s new to me
They running up recruiting m
But it ain’t nothing new to me
Used to know just what the hell I’m doing
Now it’s new to me

Don’t-don’t go chasing waterfalls
Listen to
Ri-rivers and the lakes
That you’re used to…

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