Fashawn – Proud (Lyrics 2017)

Lyrics “Proud” – Fashawn

Let’s do some history, who is Malcolm X
A fighter for freedom
George Washington Carver
A scientist
Shirley Chisholm

First black congress woman
Mary McLeod Bethune
An educator
Marian Anderson
An opera singer
Duke Ellington
A jazz composer

What about the life of Marcus Garvey, we all know Martin
Wouldn’t have your light, if it wasn’t for my darkness
Blacker than the panther on the jacket of Huey P. Newton
And Bobby Seale, a few of us rotten still
We built this country off blood and sweat
Tear drops and pick cotton in mud we step
Momma Harriet Tubman was a woman so real

Only woman in history with a face on a bill
Besides Hillary Clinton, who we speak of America
Original man yet they treat us inferior
I put that on the soul of Nat Turner
The memory of Sojourner
And the others no longer with us
I’m admittin’ I’m black and I’m proud

Sing it loud
Sing it loud
I’m black and I’m proud
Sing it loud
Sing it loud

Brother Clarence 13X was a hero to me
Felt like a Five Percenter was the thing to be
In the wild wild west I still pray to the east
MJ on the speakers MJ’s on my feet
Before Mike and Mayweather came Muhammad Ali
Only difference between ’em, he did it with dignity

Doctor Carter G. Woodson, found black history
Doctor Vivien Thomas, the first heart surgery
Kwame Ture used to be Stokely Carmichael
Bagged Mariam Makeba definitely was a leader
In his own right ‘Keba was diva in her own light
Before ‘Yonce married Jay, Ashanti, Brandy

Keyshia Cole, Lauryn Hill if you’re speaking soul
I fell in love with TLC when I was three years old
Angela Davis bailed out by a Fresnan
It was about community wasn’t about complexion
Elijah and Fard, they were writin’ for Allah
Pictures of Bob Marley and Selassie on my wall
‘Til the day they free .. Max B, and Bobby Shmurda
We all on trial eminently since a child
I’m black and I’m proud

Sing it loud
Sing it loud
I’m black and I’m proud
Sing it loud
Sing it loud…

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