EST Gee – I Can’t Feel A Thing Lyrics

I Can’t Feel A Thing Lyrics – EST Gee

Yeah, f**k it, I was made to ball
Dropped my nuts and stood up tall
Told him, send ’em
Said I’m back in beach if he ever fall
He came back with fifty small
Sent half them home and blessed my dawg

Versaces on, I’m Johnny Cage, been that n**ga before the fame
Know I got it, I still feel the same, no n**ga say I changed
I used a lump, tryna keep him out his grave, but he chase clout, a lame
Ecstasy, it’s blank, no name, Mama, I can’t feel a thing
Watched you take your last breath, and after I couldn’t sleep for days
I’m still catchin’ plays like nothin’ happened, son, he cloud a rain
Walk me closer to my gang, they ain’t let me crash in flames
Sure would’ve been a shame if I just died with just street accolades
Buckle down, harder, smarter, water, that’s why Harden came

I was so f**ked up ’bout Fendi, it would’ve been my daughter name
She play the lames so she couldn’t keep it, f**k it, situation changed
I lost Sarah anyway, ten carats, not the cheapest rings
It’s the beats that reek .., he wanna see me do my thing
Let me rock his watch and chain, he say hustle strong
Get your own, and make me feel a way, best advice he ever gave
Knowin’ I should’ve left, I stayed, look at all the mess I made
Been knew I was gon’ blow, bro said Go, but I had deaf on brain

Thankful that I’m blessed with pain, at least I get to feel somethin’
99.5% of the time, s**t, I won’t feel nothin’
We just did a lil’ thuggin’, I don’t think he killed nothin’
I just took my fifth one in two hours, bro, I feel funny
I give him his own, the last I own, he my real brother
I keep Tray Day away from home, show him how to get real money
Before I blow, Capo made that show and made a ten hustlin’
Gamble with your life, I’m tellin’ ’em like, Aight, I got him covered
He might rap his life, escape death’s bite, now we got deals comin’

Tell the truth, in and out the booth, so many say they do
But ask flu, stay over here too long, you might be slidin’ too
You thinkin’ as the other side, nowhere to run and hide to
Ignorant with this chop kick, when it pop, it don’t do kung-fu
Security better not touch me, less I’m buckin’, bring my fire through
Every n**ga speak on me in vein, some of them been done too
Won’t be ESE, when s**t get deep, I’m who you run to
Still up on ten toes, on both my feet, I always come through
Low-key I was scared as an Oski’, miss you and I love you
How you street Happy feds did a sweep, you ‘posed to hate them too

You are not the sunroof I’m hoppin’ out, like Ja do
Even though the opps is all cool they still pull slime moves
Up the price, few hundred, they might go take their cousin life
Bruise’ll make ’em nod his cuz’ tonight, he tryna book cuz’ a kite
Send ’em up, I’ma send the low for you, come pick it up
I’m really up, JPEG pics to bruh, help keep his spirits up
That fat boy ain’t eat, three h*es want me, that’s what I’m hittin’ ’em for
Spitter ain’t never cry about his time, when they came sentenced him
Y’all was not on nothin’, act like y’all was to boost y’all images
I switched through the .. tryna look for you, but you still gettin’ tucked
Your bass out, come get a crush, and Draco’ shells be tumpin’ dust

You know we comin’ through like the Navy Seals
You can see the one with your name, you know what I’m sayin’
F**k with us, it ain’t great
Whatever, b**ch, you know what I’m sayin’
Whatever Birdman said, you know what I’m sayin’
Big shotta, you know what I’m sayin’
Before you get blinded with me, you know what I’m sayin’
These diamonds up, switchin’, you know what I’m sayin’

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