Easy Life – Bubble Wrap Lyrics

Lyrics Bubble Wrap – Easy Life

And so it was
Just like in fairy tales
They lived out the rest of their days
In absolute f**king misery

And I’m in denial, but I do it in style
Ooh, I know that I’ve been here for a while
‘Cause it’s been making me smile
And everybody needs a little bit more happiness in their life

All I see is static and amateur dramatics
Attention-seeking tactics
I swear I’ve seen some crazy things
Yeah, I’ve been on some mad s**t
So just leave me in the attic
Bubble wrapped in plastic

I’ve started a fire, but won’t be calling the fire brigade
‘Cause what I desire is just some satin attire
But everybody wants to come and ruin what the tailor made

I’m set to automatic, shenanigans and antics
It’s bonkers and bombastic
I swear I’ve seen some crazy things
Yeah, I’ve been doing backflips
So meet me in the sandpit
Bubble wrapped in plastic

Bubble wrapped in plastic

You have one new message
First new message received today at 9:05 p.m.
Hey, man, just calling you to see if you’re alright
Um, I know today was, like, maybe not what you expected
Bit disappointing, but, uh
Yeah, I just wanted to make sure
Uh, make sure you’re alright
We’re sending our love
And, uh, yeah, talk to you in a bit

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