Dan + Shay – For The Both of Us Lyrics

Lyrics For The Both of Us – Dan + Shay

Now that it’s just me and you
Can we talk for a few
I’ve got something to get off my chest
You probably already know
Been in my boots before
My heart’s racing like hell but I guess

I’m just gonna say it out loud

I’m in love with your daughter
And I’ve been since the first time I saw her
I’ll ask her the question
If you give your blessing
When she takes my hand you can trust I’ll love her enough for the both of us

I know that you loved her first
But for better or worse
I’ll treat her like you prayed that I would

When she’s all dressed in white
And you’re giving her away
For the rest of my life
You can trust when I say

She’ll always be your baby girl
And I’m gonna give her the world…

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