DaBaby – Don’t Let Em Lie Lyrics

Don’t Let Em Lie Lyrics – DaBaby

Yeah, coward-ass n**gas ain’t, yeah
Coward-ass n**gas ain’t, uh, yeah
Coward-ass n**gas ain’t made up like Baby
Let’s go, n**ga
This one’s for my daughters, n**ga
Serenity, Nova, Velour, n**ga, mwah, love you
ATL Jacob, he a f**kin’ millionaire

Yeah, coward-ass n**gas ain’t made up like Baby
Kirk, stand on this s**t like the dirt
Stand on this s**t like the sole of my shoes
Everyday, I get up, go to work
Know it’s God, I love God, I believe in my God
But I ain’t been in nobody church
I stand on the business for me
So the day I go free Uncle Bobby, no motherf**kin’ shirt

Don’t be cryin’ and byin’ no motherf**kin’ flowers
I did my thing while I’m on Earth
Jonathan was the one that got everything turnt
N**gas played, n**gas got burned
Never went sad ’bout a ho’
Gave a lot of handouts, made sure everybody worked
I’m the truth, that lil’ n**ga for real
I’m the truth, oh, yeah, lil’ n**ga, still
My mama ain’t drivin’ s**t, ‘less it’s a Benz
Ain’t crossin’ out none of my n**gas to win

My brothers can’t work for no one but they self
Or I want support, it’s already up for my daughter
And he can go finish my will
But I ain’t into talkin’ ’bout death with myself or my lawyer
And to my firstborn baby Serenity, keep on lovin’ your sisters
Keep on bein’ that black girl princess, don’t ever let none of this get you
And to my second-born, blessin’ Lil’ Nova, keep on runnin’ s**t over
It don’t matter what your daddy said, they say show ’em
Teach ’em how this Kirk s**t goin’

To my youngest born baby Velour, it’s so much bulls**t around you
And internet s**t that don’t matter, but I can’t ignore
Everythin’ about you, I adore
Your sister gon’ tell you how we feel about you
‘Cause she gon’ be nine at the time that you four
No matter what came with my babies
I play like a sport, Daddy, he always came back for more

Yeah, n**ga, hol’ up, this part for my nephew and my nieces
And y’all know that y’all Daddy, he loved you
Even though Daddy no longer breathin’
Rather crash in the B without y’all, it sound like a good enough reason
But ain’t no more f**kin’ excuses
Ayo, big bro, I miss you, I got you, don’t worry, they geeked
To my nieces, your uncle tough, ’cause I’m tryna teach you the hustle
And be great, never need no n**ga
Even if it’s me, look at me and say f**k you
And to my nephew Big Doo, you act just like your daddy
Lil’ n**ga, you gon’ carry it lovely
When I look up at you, I can feel my big brother
It’s never on you, boy, sing and I love you, lil’ n**ga

Yeah, yeah, pss
You b**ch-ass n**gas ain’t.. man
Coward-ass n**gas ain’t..
Boy, these coward-ass n**gas ain’t made up like Baby
Coward-ass n**gas ain’t made up like my f**kin’ daughters
Coward-ass n**gas ain’t.. yeah
You know what I’m sayin
Don’t ever let nobody lie to y’all
Man, these cowards weren’t made up like me
They weren’t made up like your f**kin’ daddy
They weren’t made up like your f**kin’ uncle
What the f**k They gon’ tell you that though
You know, to feel better ’bout they-self
Make ’em big ’em up
Ask ’em who they used to big up…

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