ITZY - Ringo Lyrics | Video

ITZY – Ringo Lyrics

Lyrics Ringo – ITZY Ladies and Gents Put your hands up Hands up in the air high Let’s go Oh-oh, boom-boom, oh-oh, oh-oh Boom-boom, oh-oh, oh-oh I can’t bring it anymore Boom-boom, oh-oh, oh-oh Ring

Vorsa - VIOLENCE Lyrics | Visualizer

Vorsa – VIOLENCE Lyrics

Lyrics VIOLENCE – Vorsa I never stood a chance When you were here All I could think about was you I didn’t have any defense All of my fears came to fruition Felt like we

Tyga, YG, Lil Wayne - Brand New Lyrics

Tyga, YG, Lil Wayne – Brand New Lyrics

Lyrics Brand New – Tyga, YG, Lil Wayne I want some new nails New bundles, new boobs, you know Everythin’ brand new, b!tch You know what the f**k this is Why spend my money When

Tony K - Right Now Lyrics

Tony K – Right Now Lyrics

Lyrics Right Now – Tony K We can take the party Back to my place Sipping on Azul Keep it Clase Trying to keep cool but my thoughts say We can kick it I’ma score

ENGST - Kopf Hoch Lyrics

ENGST – Kopf Hoch Lyrics

Lyrics Kopf Hoch – ENGST Müde Augen und dein Herz ist so schwer Du hattest Träume, doch du träumst sie nicht mehr Wo ist das Feuer, wo ist die Liebe Auf halbem Weg bist du

Mago Sol - Sin Ti Lyrics

Mago Sol – Sin Ti Lyrics

Lyrics Sin Ti – Mago Sol Cuando te llamo nunca me respondes yeah yeah Es que yo sin ti, y tú sin mí No hay cómo sobrevivir Es que yo sin ti, y tú sin

Elixer - Besides Me Lyrics

Elixer – Besides Me Lyrics

Lyrics Besides Me – Elixer I don’t want no one Besides me You got me questioning why Questioning why Oh won’t you come down Beside me Don’t leave me hanging here dry Hanging here dry