BEHEMOTH – Thy Becoming Eternal Lyrics

Lyrics Thy Becoming Eternal – BEHEMOTH

O blest be thou, as vast as the night
In nomine igni
Thou who dost spawn the infernal and divine
In odivm fidei
O blest be thou, as bright as light
In absentia christi
Armadas ov rebellion align

I shall bathe myself in wine and gold
I will tear the arteries ov cosmos so it may bleed
Behold the malignant salvo ov my crimes
Abysmal eons that have wandered by

Where would I seek the truth
But here where mutiny and chaos bloom

I satiate the ferocious hunger ov the beast
In nomine igni
Cast the flock in great fury upon the Earth
In odivm fidei
From South to North, from West to East
In absentia christi
In unity my fleets traverse

I shall cause thine overwhelming hatred to consume
Among the sainted legion where black hearts ignite
Forsooth, the branches ov this wretched tree I’ll wound
And rob its pestilential scions ov their lives

Where should I seek the truth
But here where mutiny and chaos bloom

Be praised
O be glorified
Exalted, honoured and lionised
Breathe in and breathe out
Cleansing fire from within and above
Thy becoming is eternal
The thrusting spear disinheriting the meek
By the name ov the borneless one
We hail Satan
We hail thee…

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