Babyfxce E – Charge It To The Game Lyrics

Lyrics Charge It To The Game – Babyfxce E

Man this beat got me feeling a certain way
You ain’t gone get everything you put in
Man, just charge it to the game
Shoot my lawyer a couple thousand
Get them charges out the way
Catch ’em gettin his hair cut
And make the barber catch the fade

If I ain’t making money or doing sh!t with music
Then I’m out the way
If young dog can’t make a single play
Then get ’em out the game
She tell me that she love me
I f**k with her, but feelings not the same
F**k puttin’ the strap on layaway
I’m gettin’ it out today

Don’t feel my pain through this music
You gone feel in out this K
When I say I’m gettin’ my money ou the bank
I’m gettin’ it out the safe
I can’t be the only one rich
I’mma be feelin’ out of place
Banana clip on the Drac’ peelin’ off his face

They hear my music one tie
And know I’m finna be somebody
You wanna know how to rap
Give me five thousand, I’ll teach you probably
She couldn’t keep her legs closed
Now she got dashiki problems
Better duck his taco before I knock the meat up out it

I been lettin’ n**gas slide
I’m done givin’ chances
Been lettin’ n**gas copy off of me
I’m done givin’ anwswers
N**gas don’t want no smoke with us
They done gettin’ cancer
Couldn’t believe that I f**ked this one b!tch
So I got that sh!t on camera
Slidin’ in a stole Scat Pack
I’m trying not to crash it
On the highway lookin’ for an exit
I’m trying not to pass it
F**k, I need your heart
For when I got one on my jacket
A hundred thousand ain’t sh!t
That’s just two months of rapping

Catch a p**sy n**ga lacking
Go to the viewing like nothing happened
Have ‘e pull up on you with all chops like
E said what’s crackin’
Still hustling like I ain’t already made it
I got that from my daddy
Five pounds of Detrouit runtz
I got that in sh!t in baggies

And not the good sense b!tch
We talkin’ bout the bows bag
Man, this thot b!tch f**kin’ off the name
She don’t even want cash
You drop two songs in a week and they both ass
I make ten thousand a month off free styling
And you wrote that…

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