Tribulation - Axis Mundi Lyrics

Tribulation – Axis Mundi Lyrics

Lyrics Axis Mundi – Tribulation Inside the foundry they have given birth For the upheaval of a buried earth The sanctified mechanic bends the axis of the world they mend From the center of it

Tribulation - Hamartia Lyrics | Official Video

Tribulation – Hamartia Lyrics

Lyrics Hamartia – Tribulation For as they walk through life’s valley with a standard of death Death will follow Just as the cause will in time make their misery known The guilt and sorrow They

Tribulation – Nightbound

Tribulation – Nightbound Lyrics

Lyrics “Nightbound” – Tribulation On the borders, on the brink of lies I set off firm in resolve Down the valley of twilight To search for something lost In timeless dusk, dreams unfold In the backwood’s