Russ - NASTY Lyrics | Audio

Russ – NASTY Lyrics

Lyrics NASTY – Russ Yeah, I want you to get nasty, nasty..x2 Yeah, I want you to get nasty Do that thing you know I like No one watching’, it’s just me and you, alright

Russ - Gimme Love Lyrics

Russ – Gimme Love Lyrics

Lyrics Gimme Love – Russ You give me love, give me love and affection Real direction, real connection Give me love, give me love Give me love, give me love Give me love You give

Russ - Can't Get This Right Lyrics

Russ – Can’t Get This Right Lyrics

Lyrics Can’t Get This Right – Russ Can’t get this right, a thousand tries in, yeah Won’t hit me back, I guess I’m vibin’, yeah What are we doin’, why we fightin, yeah Girl are

Russ - Put You On Game Lyrics

Russ – Put You On Game Lyrics

Lyrics Put You On Game – Russ Lemme put you on game Don’t listen to people who lose, or you’ll do the same Stop talkin’ to people who don’t give a f**k what you say

Russ - Home Lyrics | Audio

Russ – Home Lyrics

Lyrics Home – Russ Yeah, yeah I missed her so much that I made her Mrs. Feel like I hit the lottery win, when I saved the digits I payed her visits, nah Im lyin’,

Russ - Too Much Lyrics

Russ – Too Much Lyrics

Lyrics Too Much – Russ Yeah, s**t goin’ crazy, on the daily I don’t see a reason why the f**k I should stop now Thought I was the s**t at the bottom How you think

Vitão, Russ - Quando Lyrics

Vitão, Russ – Quando Lyrics

Lyrics Quando – Vitão, Russ Alô, quando você vem pra me visitar Bateu mó saudade Se for pra ficar longe Fico por aqui na minha cidade Baby, my casa es su casa Se a gente

Russ - BET Lyrics | Official Audio

Russ – BET Lyrics

Lyrics BET – Russ Bet, bet, bet, bet.. I know exactly how all of this goes Too real for the cameras, I don’t like to pose When I go out, a few weeks on the