Lil Baby - Real Spill Lyrics

Lil Baby – Real Spill Lyrics

Lyrics Real Spill – Lil Baby I know that I’m beneficial, I can’t show no feelings, Bentley windows tinted Nowadays ain’t no time for me to kick it, business too intensive They gon’ say that

Lil Baby - Danger

Lil Baby – Danger Lyrics

Lyrics Danger – Lil Baby Chrome Heart jeans, I’m kind of done with the Amiri’s Some call it crazy, half a ticket on some earrings Added for a decade, had the plug when I was

Lil Baby - Heyy Lyrics

Lil Baby – Heyy Lyrics

Lyrics Heyy – Lil Baby My favorite b**ch just cut me off And she won’t even let me know the reason It’s probably one of her lil messy Hatin’ a*s friends being evil I ain’t