half·alive - Beige Lyrics | Video

half·alive – Beige Lyrics

Lyrics Beige – half·alive Been keeping you out of my mind Until I see you it reminds me Of all the times that you’d meltdown Back then I didn’t know why Now I’m in the

half·alive - High Up Lyrics

half·alive – High Up Lyrics

Lyrics High Up – half·alive High up, high up Been looking at the mountains high up Been looking at the mountains high up High up, high up Behind your back a cold surprise In favor

half·alive - Move Me Lyrics

half·alive – Move Me Lyrics

Lyrics Move Me – half·alive I never told, you never askedTill I got older I kept it wrappedYou had me holding up my pastI came to know its what I want so bad You know

half·alive – Make of It

half·alive – Make of It Lyrics

Lyrics Make of It – half·alive Winter got me feeling down Next season I’ll come around Reflecting back on it You were my only friend You really helped me out But even now I Want

half·alive – What’s Wrong

half·alive – What’s Wrong Lyrics

Lyrics What’s Wrong – half·alive Time is always right in past tense Avoiding is my newest obsession Started with the right intentions But left ’em on the shelf So tell me how to live in