EST Gee - Stay Focused Lyrics

EST Gee – Stay Focused Lyrics

Lyrics Stay Focused – EST Gee Yeah, I should’ve served the other one But he right back for another one Quarter on a quarter, how you double up, Right off the bus Soon as the

EST Gee - US Lyrics

EST Gee – US Lyrics

Lyrics US – EST Gee It was ‘posed to be us verses whoever We can be whatever, see together You the first that ever said I was special I would say Stay dangerous, not careful

EST Gee - Ball Like Me Too Lyrics

EST Gee – Ball Like Me Too Lyrics

Lyrics Ball Like Me Too – EST Gee Quarter ticket, half a ticket, whole ticket in jewels But if you look outside, in the driveway, it’s two Quarter-ounce, house on hoes, just for food You

EST Gee - HOTBOYS Lyrics

EST Gee – HOTBOYS Lyrics

Lyrics HOTBOYS – EST Gee Yeah, I’ve seen n**gas cry when someone died they never met I left the streets without no debt , gave my best for less PTSD from the s**t I’ve seen,

EST Gee - Undefeated Lyrics

EST Gee – Undefeated Lyrics

Lyrics Undefeated – EST Gee Look out, Veno Veno gon’ cook up He mix the ingredients Yeah, yeah, yeah N**ga, I’m undefeated, streets ain’t beat me, the police neither I ain’t got no sympathy for

EST Gee - BLOW UP Lyrics

EST Gee – BLOW UP Lyrics

Lyrics BLOW UP – EST Gee I still got it, n**ga, action or exotic Ain’t no label get me poppin’ Soon as he touch the bottle, drink some water Make it hard to fish us