V (뷔) - For Us Lyrics

V (뷔) – For Us Lyrics

Lyrics For Us – V (뷔) BTS You went from my home to It was nice to know you And it breaks my heart That we gave it our best shot Now I’m in California

V (뷔) - Blue Lyrics

V (뷔) – Blue Lyrics

Lyrics (english) Blue – V (뷔) (BTS) On and on and on And my love On and on and on Can we go On and on and on And tomorrow On and on and on

V – Love Me Again

V – Love Me Again Lyrics

English lyrics Love Me Again – V You left me Took those memories with you But even now I can’t Let you go Let you go Is that all you have to say One word,

Coldplay & BTS – My Universe

Coldplay & BTS – My Universe Lyrics

Lyrics My Universe (english) – Coldplay & BTS You, you are my universe And I just want to put you first And you, you are my universe And I In the night I lie and

BTS – Permission to Dance

BTS – Permission to Dance Lyrics

Lyrics Permission to Dance – BTS It’s the thought of being young When your heart’s just like a drum Beating louder with no way to guard it When it all seems like it’s wrong Just