bbno$ - still Lyrics | Audio

bbno$ – still Lyrics

Lyrics still – bbno$ I miss you, everything you did wrong Would make me feel so right It was unfair I can’t breathe, sleeps are just dreams of you You left behind your future Hope

bbno$ - let em know Lyrics

bbno$ – let em know Lyrics

Lyrics let em know – bbno$ Think I might do this, oh wow My money goes on for miles That’s travertine on the tiles I’ll calculate, then I’m done And that’s a pink slip, no

bbno$ ft. lil toe - deadman Lyrics

bbno$ ft. lil toe – deadman Lyrics

Lyrics deadman – bbno$ ft. lil toe I’m a deadman, ’cause I’m chasing money ’til I drop I’m a bread man, stacking all this money ’til I climb I’m a businessman, I’ll take the consultation if I flop If

bbno$ - chipotle Lyrics | Official Audio

bbno$ – chipotle Lyrics

Lyrics chipotle – bbno$ This s**t ridiculous, uh Na-na-na-na-na.. Huh, this coming right here Okay Yeah, she wanna She wanna pipe me B**ch, I’m baby Yeah, this s**t be poppin’ like it’s from the eighties

bbno$ - bag or die Lyrics

bbno$ – bag or die Lyrics

Lyrics bag or die – bbno$ Tonight we party, my friends.. Sip out ice cup, I like tequila, damn this s**t tasty Kid you not, I made ’bout a milli’, .. pink beanie I feel

​bbno$ - top gun Lyrics

​bbno$ – top gun Lyrics

Lyrics top gun – ​bbno$ Slow down, hold up Let me pick the phone up P**sy boy, shut up Fa la-la-la-la, la Fill my teacup, my girl bossed up Yeah, she kinda stuck up Fa