Aldous Harding – Blend Lyrics

Lyrics “Blend” – Aldous Harding

Hey, man
I really need you back again
The years are plenty
I have a watercolour you did
I saw you walking on the sand
In Thailand
I used to watch you from the van
It was your band
Don’t let us bully you, baby
Got problems of the heart
And you’re the the perfect blend

Can’t seem to let you off the chain
That is our name
A few of your letters came from Limoges
She’s gonna struggle day to day
But she deserves a place
You and walking in the sand
And you’re the perfect man
You’re the perfect man
You’re the perfect blend…
➤ Album: Party
Produced by Evie Mackay & John Parish
Aldous Harding 2017

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