3Breezy – Sneaky Link Lyrics

Lyrics Sneaky Link – 3Breezy

Said it’s going down tonight
Baby you know I love the thrill
Heard he going out tonight
Head to my place ain’t no one here
Better leave it on DND
I don’t give a f**k about how he feels
‘Cause if he was doing you right
I promise you baby that you wouldn’t even be here

I keep a glock on me
Case a n**ga wanna run up
He could get done up
I get this s**t if I want it
Why he talking like he bout it
I been there I done it

Now she in love with the money
Now she in love with the n**ga
Who counting them hunnids
Now she in love with a baller
I’m really f**kin with shawty
I’m really loving her aura

It’s the little things that he don’t know
Like how you romantic you like the dancing
Love when you do that little twirl with ya hair
Why you biting your nails turn me on automatic

It’s the little things that he don’t know like you got feelings
But you still healing
Know you the realest & you the illest
Matter of time yeah I bet he gon feel it, woah

Up another bag, ran up another check spend it on you
I can’t be f**kin these lil bity b**ches
They p**sy don’t ever get wetter then you
Tell me what is we sippin on lil momma they trippin
I wanna get away said let’s pour up a deuce
No I ain’t with the creeping I ain’t with the sneaking
But I only sneak if I’m sneaking with you

Tell me if you catch my vibe
I been feeling you all night
And we both are in the wrong
But tell me why it feels so right
We could sneaky link all night
What you think
We could sneaky link all night…

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