22Gz – Bandit Lyrics

Lyrics Bandit – 22Gz

Blicky the blicky
Word to my mother I stay with a blicky

B**ch I’m a bandit, I know they hopin’ that I get remanded
Pull up with snipers and blickies, don’t panic
Smokin’ my who, don’t get bodied on camera
Didn’t throw the blicky inside the Atlantic
He ain’t gon make it, we did too much damage
Shot to the tummy, we shattered his liver
He tried to slither through the snakes ’til we bit him

He outta luck, he got hit, he ain’t get up
Run down, drive by, flock him, split up
They see them sheisties and they got to duckin’
They thought it was sweet, they ain’t think we would touch him
Dead on arrival, it was too late to rush him
We caught an opp n**ga lackin’ and snuck him
Spinnin’ in three v’s, heard he got pitied
Mata gon open, you click, yeah it’s vegan

Said he gon’ up it in public he fiendin’
We left a whole ‘lotta blood on the cement
I pop a perky and turn to a demon
Blick in the hoodie, they know it’s the season
Spot him in traffic, they send him to Venus
Brodie gon’ rinse him, brodie gon’ leave him
We left him leaking, ’cause he was tweakin’
Gun in his mouth, n**ga watch how you speakin’
Said it’s man down, we find out where he sleepin’
Shooter ain’t patient, he tryna go creepin’
Pull out the plug, you gon’ hear all the beepin’
I’m throwing first at the jakes at the precinct

Blick, blick
Gang, gang

Free Tay-K, how you gon’ run from an AK
Brodie got racks in his JPay
He was a shooter like JJ, gang
Up the blicky, bet it make him stutter
Heard he on an island, caught him get him cut up
If he slippin, n**ga then we comin’
You ain’t gotta ask, we pullin’ up the..

Send the opp n**ga up hallelujah
Did it for free, I ain’t give him no moola
Flock up his Uber, they can’t find his shooters
Walk up on feet, I’m respected by shooters
Might use the bike, got tired of the scooters
Five point seven, I’m toting the Rooga
I only aim for the chest and medulla
Stop all the cap, like we opps on computers

When the last time n**gas spill s**t
Why they be rapping like they really kill s**t
Brodie be twirlin’ with blicks in his wheelchair
You see em blazing just know that I sent it
We got the drop, they outside so we bent it
Bro on the run, he just duckin’ his sentence
He left a f**k n**ga dead in the trenches
What you think happen when steppers get mentioned

Blicky, the blicky, the blicky
N**gas ain’t heavy, ain’t doin’ no drills
Sniper the blicky the blicky the blicky the blicky…

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